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You could win one of these lekker local recipe books

We’re giving some lucky Edgars Club members one of 6 recipe books to perfect their Weber skills. Entries close 30 April

Take the guesswork out of braaiing with these cookbooks from Jamie Purviance. With easy-to-follow recipes and handy tips, you can become a Weber master.  We’re giving six lucky Edgars Club members one of these recipe books each, worth over R340! Entries close 30 April.

Weber Hot & Spicy shows you how to make lots of tasty dishes with a lift from chillies and spices, what tools you need for perfect braaiing, and where different chillies rank on the “heat scale”.

In Weber Mediterranean, you can learn how to braai with the flavours of olive oil, lemon, herbs, vine tomatoes and more. You’ll be making flatbreads and kebabs, and soon be a pro at cooking fish, lamb, beef, pork and poultry.

Weber recipe book giveaway

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