Enjoy the ultimate family staycation

Enjoy the ultimate family staycation

Just because you’re staying home these holidays doesn’t mean you should actually stay at home. The beauty of a staycation is that you get to feel like a holidaymaker in your own city, simply by using a little imagination and your adventurous spirit.

Need some vacation inspiration? Here are our favourite ways to holiday in our own cities.

Spend time on the beach
It sounds like a no-brainer, but how often have you avoided the beach in summer because it’s packed with tourists or flooded with traffic? If you were going on a tropical getaway, you’d be spending tons of time at the seaside, so don’t let the crowd factor deter you. Instead, make like a tourist and walk or catch a cab or minibus taxi, just as you would on holiday – the bonus is you won’t have to search for parking. While away your hours under an umbrella (most popular beaches have them to rent) in the water or playing beach games. Don’t forget your sunscreen!

Take up water sports
If you usually spend your summer snorkelling, surfing or sailing in an exotic location, don’t let your staycation be any exception. Muizenberg is the ideal place to learn to surf, while the KZN coastline offers sublime waves for new and avid kiteboarders. For inlanders, stand-up paddleboarding (SUP) can get you into any body of water, even in the middle of the city, so you too can ride the water-sports wave. We tend to be much more adventurous when we’re on holiday, so harness this energy to maximise your staycation.

Discover a new place
How many of your local tourist attractions have you actually visited? No matter how long you’ve lived in your town, there are bound to be places you’ve yet to discover. Something as simple as hiking to a different picnic spot or visiting an undiscovered cultural attraction can infuse your staycation with that fabulous holiday feeling and leave you feeling like a true tourist.

Travel with your palate
For foodies, taking your taste buds on a culinary adventure is a flavoursome way to discover unknown parts of your own ’hood, or a whole new city or culture. And bear in mind, as an Edgars Club VIP member, you get to save up to R120 on a meal, thanks to the Crave 2-4-1 Dining!

Do something you only ever do on holiday
For some people, it’s wearing flip-flops and Hawaiian shirts; for others it’s eating out, sleeping late or partying until the early hours. Whatever it is for you, make sure you do it at least a handful of times during your staycation to reinforce that fabulous holiday feeling. And as for room service, you might just need to bribe the people you live with – if they don’t beat you to it!



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