Revitalise your living space

Revitalise your living space

Last month we spoke about how to paint the outside of your house. This month, we’re giving you tips on the inside. When painting your home’s interior, it’s always important to start at the beginning and keep the following points in mind:

  • Determine the function of the space: will it be used as a study, bedroom, dining room?
  • What age and gender of person will be spending the most time in the space?
  • Does the space have lots of natural or artificial lighting?
    Daylight conditions intensify pure colours and make them increase or decrease according to the distance they are seen at. Artificial lighting, however, would modify your colour in relation to the type and colour of light source. Warm light or cool light can set the mood of the room.
  • What size or shape is the space you are painting? This is important as a small area is perceived differently to a large area or shape.
  • What other colours are in the space? For example, floors and furniture, as this will affect your choice of colour.

Next you need to consider surface preparation. Uneven surfaces can alter the appearance of any colour, while grooves, indentations and cracks will create shadow effects on the wall, and this will make the surface look patchy.

Now it’s time to think about product selection: When painting interior surfaces you’ll need a product that can withstand everyday dirt. We recommend using Panache Vinyl Silk, a superior-quality, elegant, luxurious paint with a silky sheen. This is a water-based product that gives good washability, scrubability and stain resistance.

With the paint we’re giving away, you would be able to paint a standard three by three metre wall, giving it two coats with two litres of paint. Do remember to leave the paint to dry for four to six hours between coats. Most importantly, leave the paint for 21 days before washing the walls, as all paint needs a curing time for durability.

When you’ve determined the above, choosing colour for a well-proportioned room becomes easier if you know five simple tips to ensure a balanced space:

  1. Always keep ceilings painted in a white or off-white colour, as this will open up any space. Stick with a matte product like Panache Super Acrylic, as this will minimise any reflection from lighting.
  2. Dark, warm and bright colours can seem closer and make the space seem smaller.
  3. Light colours make a space seem larger or further away.
  4. Warm colours can make a space feel warmer, e.g. red, yellow, and orange.
  5. Cool colours can make a space feel cold, e.g. blue, purple, green.

Looking at the above five points, you can now see that with the correct colour selection you can make a wall seem closer or further away. If a room receives lots of sun, you should rather use a cool colour, and when the room doesn’t receive any sun you should use a warm colour, as this allows balance in the space you’re painting. When choosing a colour you should always remember that there are no bad colours, only bad colour combinations.

Are you looking to spruce up your home? We’re giving away five litres of Panache Vinyl Silk paint which will be mixed by Jack’s Paint & Hardware to the colour of your choosing. Find out more about how you can win here . Entries close 31 May 2017


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