Get your sweat on

Get your sweat on

There’s nothing better than feeling healthy and fit, especially when you’re the envy of all your friends! Try these quick fixes and you’ll be strutting your stuff in no time…

      1. Jump up, jump down, jump around
        Getting fit doesn’t have to be difficult. Simply add a few 60-second sets of jumping jacks into your daily routine: when you’re watching TV, during your lunch break, while you’re cooking. You’ll be amazed at the results.


      1. Turn up the incline
        Running on the treadmill is great, but if you’re not pushing yourself, your body isn’t going to burn those extra calories. Push the incline up on the treadmill – work at increasing it every minute to a level you’re happy with, then staying there for a few minutes before decreasing it every minute until you’re on the flat. Your thighs will thank you.


      1. Make it a habit
        You can do small exercises that make a big difference throughout your day. If you’re sitting at your desk, take a few minutes to lift your legs straight up in front of you and hold for 30 seconds. Abs and thigh workout: tick! If you’re waiting for a pot to boil, hold onto a kitchen counter nearby and do some standing “push ups”. Upper arms: tick! When you’re in the shower and you’re waiting for your conditioning treatment, do some calf raises. Legs: tick!


      1. The piece of resistance
        This amazing piece of equipment is so versatile – you can do a wide variety of different exercises every day. Try these 33 options from Greatist to get started!


    1. Shed kilos fast
      If you’re new to exercising, start slowly by doing this fat-burning workout a few times a day, at least four times a week: walk briskly for seven minutes, do seven minutes of toning (squats, lunges, sit-ups, push-ups) and walk briskly for another seven minutes. 


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