Failed matric? Make a fresh start with Oxbridge Academy

Failed matric? Make a fresh start with Oxbridge Academy

Here’s how you can take positive action.

Failing matric is not the end of the world, even though it may feel that way at first. While it is important to work through the feelings of disappointment, it is also important to think about a way forward. Take time to weigh up your options and make decisions to turn your situation around.

Make a fresh start with Oxbridge Academy

Consider the CompTIA courses 

The CompTIA certifications are a good option for those who would like to start a career in IT, as well as for those who are already in the industry and want to boost their IT careers. The great thing about the CompTIA certifications is that they are industry leading, and you do not need matric to do them. The CompTIA certifications will equip you with key skills in IT networking, security, and support, and will help boost your CV.

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Consider the technical matric and bridging courses

Oxbridge Academy offers technical matric and bridging courses, which are ideal for you if you did not finish matric at school.

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The bridging courses are specifically designed to give you the opportunity to reach the academic level required for you to study an N1- or N4-level course.

If you choose to study all the way to the N6 level in your chosen field of study, you can apply for a National Diploma once you have passed your N6 Certificate and gained 18 months of relevant practical experience. You may then be eligible to study towards a relevant undergraduate degree at certain universities. If you want to follow this route to gain access to university, then we recommend that you do some research first. Have a look at the courses and universities that you are interested in, and find out exactly what their entrance requirements are.

Click here to view the technical matric and bridging courses you can study with Oxbridge Academy.

It is understandably difficult to get over the disappointment of failing matric, and it can be overwhelming at first to figure out what to do from that point. However, you have many options available to you. With Oxbridge Academy, you can make a fresh start by enrolling for the CompTIA courses, or by enrolling for the technical matric or bridging courses. Remember, while you may be feeling as if your world is crumbling when you fail matric, you can pick up the pieces and start a new journey.

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At Edgars Club, we fully support the DHET in protecting our members from bogus colleges. So once you’ve confirmed that a college is registered, you can focus on choosing the course that will help you get to where you want to be. Here’s to your success!

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