Here’s your May planting guide

Here’s your May planting guide

Want to know what to grow in your garden this month? Keep reading!

Autumn is in full swing! But it’s the perfect time to get planting these fruit and veg in your garden this season!


Planting/Sowing: Autumn is the perfect season for planting because the cooler weather means there is less watering and maintenance involved. It’s is also a good time to plant a variety of new trees in your garden as it will allow the roots enough time to develop through winter. Plus, click here to see this calendar and make sure you’re maintaining your garden in the right way during May.

May in particular is a great month to plant/sow the following:

  • Vegetables:
    • Broad Beans
    • Kale/True Spinach
  • Herbs:
    • Summer rainfall regions:
      Sow herbs like angelica, chives, mint, oregano, parsley, sweet marjoram and thyme. Transplant seedlings of dill and French ginger.
    • Dry summer, subtropical regions:
      Sow herbs like angelica, chives, mint and thyme. Transplant seedlings of dill, oregano and sweet marjoram.
  • Fruit:
    Plant soft fruiting plants such as raspberries and gooseberries in well-prepared holes at the same depth as they are in the bag.
  • Flowers:
    • Winter annuals
    • Winter- and spring-flowering seedlings.
    • Fynbos
    • Roses
    • Tulips
  • Other plants:
    Aloes and succulents will warm up your garden with their reds, yellows and oranges and will also help to attract all the nectar and insect loving birds to your garden!

Water should always be used sparingly and only when needed. The following should also be kept in mind:

  • Reduce watering of pot plants that like to rest during the winter (i.e. tuberous plants and ferns).
  • Lawn can get particularly dry during northern winters with the lack of rain and persistent sunshine and heat, so continue watering as needed.
  • Water citrus deeply once a week to prevent bud drop.

Feeding & Spraying:

  • May is a good time to take a close look at your indoor plants for signs of pests and diseases. Spray for scale and mealy bug.
  • This is also a good time to get control of weeds in the lawn and garden. Spread lime and mulch the lawn to help balance the pH of the soil, as weeds prefer acidic soils to thrive in.
  • Watch out for fungal diseases like rust and black spot on your roses, pelargoniums and geraniums. Spray the entire plant (under the leaves too) with a fungicide like Dithane M45.
  • Feed garden plants and winter annuals regularly with a nitrogen-rich foliage fertiliser such as 3:1:5.
  • Feed your roses with a rose fertiliser rich in potassium which will help harden soft wood before the cold weather.


  • Mulching will always be important, especially now, as the extra layer will provide extra moisture and will act as a blanket to protect your plants from the cold.
  • Winter is coming and so to protect your garden from the winter cold, you should invest in some frost protection. Especially in areas of heavy frost, wrap-up the plants that need some extra care during the colder winter months.

General Maintenance:

  • Clean up flower beds and remove collapsed plants:
  • Collect fallen leaves
  • Fill-up your bird feeder
  • Get your lawnmower serviced
  • Start a compost heap:

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