New beauty rules

New beauty rules

As important as fitness and health resolutions may be, spare a thought for your beauty routine and you’ll be able to take the new year in your stride


Take off

This year, don’t make excuses for slacking on your nightly skin-care routine. Resolve to properly cleanse your face before bed every single night. And, if using a cleanser and water seems like too much effort, opt for a time-saving cleansing wipe instead.
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SPF every day

Come rain or shine, sunscreen is a must all year round. Broad-spectrum SPF protects your skin from sun damage and slows down the visible signs of ageing. The simplest way to get accustomed to using SPF is to make it routine by using a moisturiser with a built-in sunscreen.
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The art of application

The order in which you apply your products is crucial to their efficacy. Your skin must properly absorb each one before you apply the next. The rule of thumb is not to rush it: once you’ve cleansed your skin, apply your products from the thinnest formula (serum) to the thickest (moisturiser).

Toss expired products

Refresh your beauty cupboard by clearing out any expired skin-care products and cosmetics. Once make-up has reached the end of its lifespan, it loses its effectiveness and can become a breeding ground for bacteria. If it smells strange or changes colour, no matter how expensive it was, it needs to go. Besides, having fewer products will definitely help streamline your beauty routine.


Keep up

Your skin is constantly changing – sun exposure, free radicals, age and diet all have an impact. But how often do you update the products you use? Consult a dermatologist to re-evaluate your skin and make sure that you’re still using the right products to meet your skin’s needs.

Pushing your own beauty boundaries can be liberating



Beauty sleep

Getting enough rest prevents more than just puffy eyes and dark circles – your body boosts blood flow to your skin and regenerates it while you sleep, resulting in a glowing complexion. Get the most from your beauty sleep by applying an overnight product, like a night cream or oil.
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Venture out of your comfort zone

Stuck in your tried and tested make-up routine? Pushing your own beauty boundaries can be liberating, so dare yourself to try something new – a bold lipstick, a new shade of eye shadow or filling in your brows. You’ll be surprised at what a change does for both your appearance and your confidence.
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This article first appeared in the December/January 2018 issue of Club Magazine.
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