Home sweet home

Home is where the heart is this summer

If you love pottering around the house, then we think you’ll enjoy these home offers, prizes and tips.

Dorothy got it right when she said “There’s no place like home”.  That’s why we’ve rounded up these articles that will inspire your inner homemaker.


Simple is better

In summer, you might feel the urge to redecorate your whole house. The experts at HomeTimes have given us some great tips on how to make your home beautiful while keeping the process simple.

If you’ve got the itch to move, remember that Edgars Club VIP members save R1 500 when buying or selling their homes through HomeBid. Plus, when you use HomeBid, their agents charge a low commission fee of 1.95%, which could save you up to R65 000 when selling your home.

Cool it down

Summer is officially here, and you can keep things cool with these delicious and refreshing must-try summer recipes that we’ve rounded up for you!

If you’re feeling too hot to cook, then why not head to Piatto to save 10% on your bill Monday-Thursday, just give the waiter your Edgars CLub card when you ask for the bill.


Find some inspiration

We’re giving away two books that you can use to improve your home and garden.  House Plans 2 has hundreds of plans for any house, and may give you great ideas if you’re thinking about building or renovating. The second book, Herb Gardens will tell you everything you need to know about planting, maintaining and using local herbs in your cooking. Both of these titles are brought to you by CNA. Enter before 31 November to stand the chance to win.

Summer home

Get ready for the hotter weather by changing things up around the house, from reorganising things around the kitchen to essential summer accessories and making sure you’ve got great airflow through the house.

Plus, for summer essentials, remember that you save 20% off your first rental with Teljoy, and 10% after than.


Ts & Cs apply to each offer individually.

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