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Make sure your car can be found easily

Want peace of mind knowing your vehicle can be recovered 24/7/365? We recommend taking advantage of one of these offers. You also get up to R350 in Edgars vouchers!

Can you imagine carrying your shopping bags out of the mall and finding your car isn’t where you parked it? Your stomach sinks when you realise it’s no longer there – but, with Edgars Club and Netstar, you can get your car back quickly and easily. Because we want to help you, we’ve have teamed up to bring you three new, improved tracking devices – and at even better prices!

All the Safe and Sound offers include the groundbreaking JAMMING RESIST™ technology – this feature prevents signal jamming, allowing Netstar to recover your car more effectively than ever for your peace of mind. Each device also comes with a lifetime warranty!

Edgars Club members can choose from any of these awesome tracking systems:
1. Safe and Sound for R139 per month PLUS you get R250 in Edgars vouchers.
2. Safe and Sound Plus for R179 per month PLUS R250 in Edgars vouchers.
3. Safe and Sound Early Warning for R209 per month PLUS R350 in Edgars vouchers.

Want to upgrade? It’s really simple and you don’t even need to sign a new contract or have another device fitted! Have any other questions? Take a look at our FAQs

Our handy table outlines what’s included in each offer:



How do I sign up?
Simply call Netstar on 0860 12 24 36 and quote your Edgars account number.

Applicable tiers: Edgars Club VIP and Club Life 









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Netstar is the market leader in stolen vehicle recovery. Their success can be attributed to an advanced tracking unit installed in your vehicle combined with the support of a highly trained and dedicated response team.

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