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Local company Celltone is revolutionising the way we do skincare. They have used snail gel in combination with natural extracts such as grapeseed oil, Vitamin E and chamomile to create their products.

You might be surprised to discover that snail gel has skincare properties, but it has been proven to reduce signs of aging and improve skin conditions. This is because of naturally-occurring Glycolic acid and Allantoin in the snail gel. Celltone Gel has been proven to reduce the appearance of stretch marks with eight weeks of continuous use, dark spots after 14 days of use and wrinkles after 28 days of use.

You can find their products now in select Edgars stores, or shop for them online at edgars.co.za. The range includes the premium Celltone Gel, Tissue Oil, Sunscreen, Dark Spot Treatment, Advanced Hair Treatment with seven essential oils and more. These products are sure to leave your skin feeling soft, supple and rejuvenated.

Do you want to discover which skincare product is best for your type of skin? Try out their Skin Analysis app to find out what you should be using. Click here to discover more about Celltone and the great hampers we’re giving away!


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Celltone has created a range of innovative skincare products which harness the power of one of nature’s secrets: snail gel. This forms the basis of their successful formula. Celltone is a South African company that was established six years ago. Their range has been extended to include SA’s premium tissue oil and a full six-step face care regime.

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