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Trind Hand & Nail Care

If you want to enjoy your own natural, beautifully strong and healthy nails, then our new partner Trind is for you

Trind Natural Hand and Nail care helps you to have your own beautifully strong and natural nails, find out more by listening to the full interview with them here:

We’ve got a brand-new benefit partner: Trind Hand & Nail Care. Trind is one of the global leaders when it comes creating products that restore damaged and broken nails to their natural strength.

Now Edgars Club members can now enjoy exclusive offers and giveaways from Trind Hand & Nail Care products.

Whether your nails have been damaged through artificial products like acrylic or gel, or you experience medical conditions that has left them soft or brittle, Trind Hand & Nail care can help you naturally restore your nails’ beauty.

Their products have been available in Edgars stores for over 10 years , but now we’re bringing our Edgars Club members exclusive offers and savings on their wide range of nail and hand care treatments.

My name is Nomvula and I’m a cancer survivor – today for the 4th time – bought a set of TRIND for another cancer patient. It was recommended to me and I used it and after 5 days I stopped hiding my hands as a result of chemo. So every time I’m paired with a cancer patient and they complain about sensitive and dark nails –I recommend TRIND, though I have noticed that the consultants do not seem to be aware that it can be used as part of a healing process for cancer patients.

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Cuticle Remover Softens and removes attached or overgrown cuticles
Cuticle Balsam Recovers the pH level of the skin to 5.5 after using Trind Cuticle Remover
Nail Magic Buffer Stimulates production of natural nail moisture & blood flow. Removes rides from the nail plate,
Nail Balsam Optimises Nail moisture, prevents breaking, peeling & splitting
Nail Repair Natural Strengthens 3 individual layers of the nails, not a hardener. Makes nails strong & flexible.
Hand Repair Hand repair cream based on Vitamin A, C & E, contains duo-liposomes.
Keratin Restorer Rebuilds & strengthens the keratin & protein molecules in the nail bed after removing artificial nails
Keratin Protector
Nail Repair Matt Strengthens 3 individual layers of the nails, not a hardener. Makes nails strong & flexible.
Nail Repair Anti-Bite
Nail Brightener Gives a fresh and natural “French look” to your nails

Other products include:
Acetone Free Nail Polish Remover
Nail Fungal Serum
Professional Glass File
Flexi File
Perfect Cuticle & Nail
Treat & Care
Keratin Duo Set

Nail Repair Natural is Trind’s leading product and repairs nails that are damaged with visible results within two weeks. Conditions of damaged nails include dry, splitting, peeling, too soft or too hard.

Be sure to watch out for the great offers and competitions we’ll be bringing you from this brand-new partner!

These products are available in select Edgars stores, see the list below and go and experience this great brand for yourself
• Edgars The Grove
• Edgars Mall of Africa
• Edgars Menlyn
• Edgars East Rand Mall
• Edgars Cresta
• Edgars Mooiriver
• Edgars Clearwater
• Edgars Greenstone
• Edgars Kolonnade

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Trind Cosmetics is the expert in care and maintenance of natural nails, hands and feet for over 25 years. We have a solution for every nail problem. They offer high quality nail polish, with nourishing ingredients

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