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Buy or sell your house with SA’s leading low commission agency!

Edgars Club VIP members can now enjoy this exclusive benefit with low commission estate agency, HomeBid.


Want to know how to save R1500 on the sale of your home, and enjoy low commission of 1.95%?  Listen to a full explanation of how this benefit works.

Edgars Club VIP members can now enjoy another great new benefit from Edgars Club, this time from South Africa’s largest low commission agency. Whether you’re moving up in the world and expanding your family, or looking to sell your student flat, you can make use of HomeBid’s fantastic services, which include a low commission fee of only 1.95% on the successful sale of your house.

HomeBid is South Africa’s largest low commission agency, whose management has over 40 years’ experience in the housing market. They charge just 1.95% plus VAT commission on house sales (minimum commission payment of R 17 500 plus VAT), saving sellers up to R65 000 for every million-rand value of their home, with no additional costs!

Do you want to save R1 500 when buying or selling your next home? You can with Edgars Club! If you’re an Edgars Club VIP member, you can make use of this great offer. Just think of all the things you could buy with your R1 500 saving! Click here to find out more.

Think of all the wonderful things you could do with the amazing saving on selling your home. You could buy all the furnishings you need for your new nest, or pay for the movers to take your things to your new house. You could treat yourself to a celebratory dinner or just put it towards paying off your new place.

Just remember, you have to verify that you are an Edgars Club VIP member if you want to make use of this fantastic benefit! Not a Club VIP member yet? Don’t stress, it’s easy to upgrade your account by calling 0800 20 39 25 today.

HomeBid is part of the Neville Berkowitz Group (Est.1977), and while they offer low commission, their range of services includes big support for their clients throughout the selling process with emphasis on transparency and professionalism.

Using HomeBid, you’ll receive similar services as any other estate agent (who would charge you up to 7.5% plus VAT commission) the only difference is that the seller and buyer meet directly. The seller then shows the buyer around the property, as with any other house guest. Both buyer and seller enjoy the benefit of saving with HomeBid, as the buyer is now paying a transparent and market-related price for their new home, which means savings on mortgage payments.

HomeBid services:
The HomeBid sales team (registered with the Estate Agents Affairs Board of South Africa) will assist you with the process by:

  1. Valuing the Sellers property. HomeBid will assist sellers with a free unbiased & independent property valuation by way of either:
    a) Lightstone Online Valuation Property Report
    b) Professional valuation performed by an Independent Registered Professional Valuer
  2. Photographing & listing the sellers home on 12 major property portals
  3. Property Viewings: View by appointment only set up by your HomeBid Agent
  4. HomeBid Agent negotiating all offers between seller and buyer.
  5. Assisting buyers with Home Loan Finance – To facilitate the process HomeBid offers Buyers a FREE Mortgage Bond Origination service.
  6. The HomeBid panel of Conveyancing Attorneys will assist with the transfer of the property.

Applicable Tier: Edgars Club VIP

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Edgars Club members looking to sell their homes can now enjoy this exclusive benefit from HomeBid, South Africa’s leading low-commission agency. Plus, as an Edgars Club VIP member, you’ll get R1 500 off the commission that you have to pay when your home is successfully sold! It’s just another way we deliver on our promise to bring you more.

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