Why we’re big fans of SUPing

Why we’re big fans of SUPing

If you’ve been anywhere near a body of water in the last few months, you would’ve undoubtedly noticed a new wave of water-crazed fanatics stand-up paddleboarding.

At Edgars Club, we’re throwing our everything behind this new-ish sport, and encourage you to as well!

Getting the basics down

It may seem like a difficult task, but SUPing is much simpler than it seems. And just like riding a bike, once you’re up, you’re more than halfway there!

Get the pets involved!

SUPing can be fun for the entire family, including your furry friends!

Find your zen

Because of the balance required to SUP, your core will get one of the most intense workouts you’ll ever know, but just when you think you’ve got a handle on it, you’ll notice the yogis out on the water!


Deflate it when you’re done

You might be thinking: “How on earth will I transport a big board around?”, but the easy answer is that you don’t have to!



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