How adaptable are you?

How adaptable are you?

The workplace is constantly changing, and being adaptable is a crucial skill to have. Being adaptable will help you weather the storms of rapid evolution of technology, co-workers that come and go, work priorities that change, and new skills and roles that you will have to learn and adapt to. If you are a flexible worker, you will be able to work better with others and learn more, and your employer will definitely notice. Read on about the value of being adaptable and how to improve your adaptability.

What is adaptability in the workplace?

Adaptability in the workplace is about having the ability to roll with the punches. This means being able to adapt to changing work conditions such as adjusting to new company values in a new job, adjusting to a new office environment, and adjusting to changes in management and work structures that occur from time to time. It is also about being open to your co-workers’ opinions and suggestions regarding work, even when they do not agree with your ideas.

Here is how you can demonstrate adaptability in different situations in the workplace:

Receiving feedback

Due to the nature of the work environment, everyone is expected to give suggestions or pitch ideas for work projects at some point. This means that you will likely receive feedback and suggestions from your team members. How you deal with the feedback will indicate how adaptable you are.

Adaptable employees are open to alternative solutions and ideas, even if those solutions and ideas are in conflict with their own. They are able to engage openly, without taking the opinions and recommendations of team members personally.

Demonstrating adaptability in the context of receiving feedback shows that you are a team player, and that you value the views and ideas of others.

Acquiring new skills

Technology and the internet are constantly changing and introducing new ways of working. Companies have to keep up with the changes and adapt accordingly, and so do you as the employee. This means that you might have to learn new skills to keep up with the new advancements in technology. The more new skills and knowledge you gain, the better off you are. Be open to learning and growing your knowledge and skills. You will not only be a better employee, but an empowered one too. This will also help you boost your confidence.

Taking on a new role

Company structures will change and positions will shift – this is to be expected in the growth of a company. You as the employee have the responsibility to show your commitment by stepping up to the challenge that a new position may come with. It is sometimes a difficult transition to make, but asking for help when you need it, and being open to learning as you grow, will see you succeeding in your new role. This is also good for growing your CV, and it puts you in a better position for promotions.

Staying calm and confident in difficult times

Nothing shows adaptability more than how you handle difficult and unexpected circumstances in your job. You need to remain calm and confident when dealing with challenging obstacles, and then you need to think of a solution. This will show your employer and co-workers that you are calm and flexible even when you are under pressure. These are leadership qualities that could see you growing in your role and moving up within your company.

Adjusting to new situations and showing flexibility in the workplace is not something that comes naturally to everyone, but it is definitely something you can keep working on. Be aware of how you deal with change and how it affects your work. Remember, it is important to keep an open mind and to take suggestions from others. Ask for help when transitioning into a new role, and always try to stay calm and confident while trying to work through difficult situations. When you master the skill of being an adaptable employee, you will see yourself succeed in your career.

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