Have a hairy November

Have a hairy November

We moustache you a question: are you participating in Movember this year?

Each year, thousands of men around the world grow their facial hair to raise funds and awareness for testicular cancer and men’s mental health. We think it’s an important conversation, so here are our top things to remember this Movember.

It’s more than just moustaches

Movember is about more than showing how luscious your beard is. It’s actually about raising awareness around testicular cancer and men’s health in general. Did you know that testicular cancer is common in men between 15-39 years of age? Here are things you need to know about looking after your testicles.  Nervous about going for a check-up? Don’t be, it could save your life! Here’s what you can expect from a prostate exam.

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How does that make you feel?

We know that dudes don’t like talking about their feelings, but Movember is also about raising awareness around mental health issues. So take some time out to check on your emotional health. Here are our top tips on how you can relax and chillout this holiday. Plus, if you’re feeling down or emotionally drained, it always helps to phone a friend.

What to know if you’re gonna grow

If you’ve committed to growing your beard this Movember, there are some things you need to know, like how to groom your new growth, what sort of shapes you can try and how to take care of your facial hair. Read all about our tips and tricks here.

Shape it up

You’ll want to make sure that your beard looks good and compliments your style this month, so here’s how to shape and trim that beard, and 5 things you should know if you haven’t grown one before.




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