3 Signs You Are Bored at Work – And that it’s Time for a Change

3 Signs You Are Bored at Work – And that it’s Time for a Change

Are you are currently slumped over your desk feeling exhausted and bored at the thought of doing your job? Does the sound of your alarm in the morning make you feel tired before you’ve even opened your eyes? These are just two of the many tell-tale signs that could indicate that you need to look at your options so that you can find a way to be fulfilled and excited by the work that you do.

Here are 3 signs to look out for:


  1. You under-deliver or do the bare minimum

You constantly find yourself doing less than or just enough of what’s expected of you. This means you are not engaged in your work and that you are definitely using less of your abilities. Falling into this trap could lead to you being seen as lazy, not a team player, and someone who does not contribute to the work with ideas, and you could be stuck in the same position for a long time.

  1. You are constantly watching the clock

Arriving at work and already wondering how you will get through the next 8 hours is a sure sign that you are bored with your job. Finding that beyond that point you continue to glance at the clock secretly hoping that the time may fly by so you can get home is a clear indication that you have lost the excitement and joy of your job. This not only looks bad to your employer and to your fellow employees, but is also bad for you and your growth prospects at work.

  1. You are unresponsive to your co-workers’ needs

The nature of a lot of jobs is that employees are dependent on one another to complete tasks. This means everyone needs to pull their weight and get their tasks done on time so that others can also complete their work. If your co-workers depend on you having things done in order for them to do their jobs and you are unresponsive to their needs, you are not only doing a disservice to yourself, but you are also jeopardising the work of others.

What are the reasons for boredom at work?

There are a variety of reasons why someone could find themselves bored at work. Being over-qualified for the role you are in, and finding that the work is easy and does not challenge you or teach you anything new could bore you. Being given too little to do can also contribute to the boredom, as can monotony in your daily tasks. Also, the work you are doing could be meaningless to you and might not excite you, which may cause you to lose your desire to perform.

How to get out of boredom

Getting out of the slump of being bored at work requires careful thinking on your part. You need to look at the reasons why you are bored and then make a decision on what to do to get out of the boredom. Figure out which components of your job you are not happy with and what you can do to change that. Finding out what’s not working for you will tell you what changes you need to make.

Here are some options to help you make the right decision:

  1. Turn the job you have into the job you want

If changing roles or companies is not an option for you, you can start working on redesigning your job to better suit your strengths, your interests, and your values using job crafting. Job crafting helps you make your current job more fulfilling by helping you create a visual plan of how to restructure your job. Through job crafting, you will shift the focus of your duties and schedule the type of work you enjoy for the times when you are most energised and when you will not be interrupted. This way, you can have more control over what you do, which can help you to be more productive.

Read more about transforming your career here.

  1. Start a new career

Taking the decision to start a new career means that you can either look for something that is in line with the skills you already have, or you can opt to start a completely new career from scratch. It all depends on your needs and your current career and financial circumstances.

Ask yourself some important questions:

  • Am I in the right position financially to start from the bottom in a new career and accept less compensation?
  • Do I possess the right set of skills to enter into a new line of work without starting from the bottom?
  • Can I make the commitment to go and study to gain new skills?

Here are 5 questions to ask yourself when making a major life decision.

Employees who are fulfilled and engaged are productive and produce quality work. They love what they do and are inspired to keep doing more. Feeling bored at work means that you cannot enjoy these feelings and that you are potentially stunting your career growth. Take control of your life by being aware of the signs that indicate that you may need to make changes in your career. Consider your options, and change your current job with job crafting or take a leap into a new career.


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