Defend your loved ones!

Winter is coming!

Get R10 off Septogard this winter at selected Family Living pharmacies


Winter is coming! And that means that as it gets colder, you need to be ready to defend your family against colds and germs. Edgars Club members save R10 on Septogard before the 31st of August at select Family Living pharmacies around the country. Download your voucher below. It’s the chilly season, so be sure to stock up on Septogard, which is a scientifically-formulated product designed to fight bacterial and viral infections and boost your family’s immune systems. Often referred to as “Natures Anti-biotic” it also helps combat colds and flu, ear, nose, throat and chest infections.



Did you know that Edgars Club members save 20% on your consultation fee when visiting select Family Living GP’s and Optometrists? It’s just one more way we’re making your soul smile!



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