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Must-see movies this Easter Holiday

Whether it’s action-packed car races or moving local dramas, there is loads of entertainment in store this Easter at Ster Kinekor.

A peek at what’s at Ster Kinekor this week:


Movie House Usually Costs Edgars Club Price Your saving on 2 tickets
Cine Prestige R130 R83 R94
IMAX R120 R80 R80
3D R91 R56 R70
2D R64 R36 R56
Cinema Nouveau R75 R41 R68


* Remember that prices vary from cinema to cinema – click here for the full price list.

The Fate of the Furious #F8

f8The crew of the Fast and Furious are back for the eighth installment of this mega franchise, this time joined on screen by the likes of Charlize Theron and Helen Mirren. The crew has been exonerated and found some semblance of normal life. That is, until a mysterious woman lures Dom back into the dark underworld of crime that he just can’t seem to escape. Get a bunch of your friends together, grab some soft drinks and hit Ster Kinekor for an action-packed night out!

Watch it: If you’re as addicted to this franchise as we are!

Die Rebellie van Lafras Verwey

werwayBased on the 1971 radio play written by Chris Barnard, this is the story of Lafras Verwey, a civil servant who’s worked in Pretoria for the last thirty years. Unbeknownst to his colleagues, Lafras lives in his own fantasy world, where he believes he has a key part to play in a personal rebellion that will make the world better for everyone. Take your tissues and some buttery popcorn to enjoy this one on the big screen!

Watch it: If you’re looking for a moving local drama


noorThis Indian drama is based on the novel Karachi, You’re Killing me! by Saba Imtiaz and tells the misadventures of a young journalist navigating love, life and investigative journalism in Mumbai. One day Noor’s daily life takes a dramatic turn when she uncovers an eye-opening investigative news story. A colourful slushy and some mates are a perfect combination for this film!

Watch it: If you love a good Indian tale!

Table 19

table19Maid-of-Honour, Eloise, has been unceremoniously dumped by the best man via text, and also relieved of her duties as bridesmaid to her oldest friend. Despite this setback, she chooses to attend the wedding anyway, until she finds herself seated with a group of awkward misfits at the outcasts table: table 19. Be sure to gather all your girlfriends for a night of laughter on the big screen!

Watch it: For a great night out with your girlfriends

Going in style

going-in-styleOscar winners Morgan Freeman (Million Dollar Baby), Michael Caine (The Cider House Rules) and Alan Arkin team-up in this remake of the 1979 original. Three pensioners who have never set a foot out of line get tired of living cheque to cheque , especially when the bank that managed their pension funds runs away with their money. The only thing to do is take the law into their own hands. This hilarious misadventure is directed by Zach Braff of Scrubs fame. Be sure to enjoy it with a box of chocolates and hot coffee at your nearest Ster Kinekor.

Watch it: If you loved the original 1979 film, or if you’re new to the story!

* Remember that prices vary from cinema to cinema – click here for the full price list.

* 3D glasses must be bought separately at a cost of R11.00 each for standard 3D glasses or R15.00 for IMAX 3D glasses.

How to book a movie:

Bookings can be made by:
– Calling the Ster-Kinekor Ticket-line on 086 668437. View on-line booking fees below.



Visiting www.sterkinekor.com,www.sterkinekor.mobi or using our App on your smartphone / Tablet (click here to see which handsets are supported) for bookings by credit card and full movie details and terms and conditions; or
Book at a Self service terminal (SST) or box office at any Ster-Kinekor theatre directly. The transaction fee charged for the use of credit cards is between the client and their banking provider and cannot be supplied upfront by Ster-Kinekor.

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