Club VIP

54.⁵⁰ per month

Access the full range of Edgars Club benefits

For people who enjoy the good life and for whom time is a valuable luxury, Edgars Club VIP is the perfect choice.

Our top membership tier is about living life to the full with less stress and more time for the things you love. It’s about luxury experiences and rewards, and having the freedom to choose from any of our benefits whenever you please.

We understand that life is busy, so we’ve created services that can help to save you time and money while curbing your stress. Let Assistant on Call remind you of important dates and help you arrange bookings and gifts, while Savings on Call finds you the best prices on almost anything you need, with just a single call.

Our Club VIP members also enjoy access to exclusive competitions and are rewarded with prizes such as island holidays, helicopter flips, designer watches and luxury cosmetics.

Only Club VIP members receive 10 000.00 in funeral benefits, as well as up to 40% off appointments for the whole family with 5 000+ doctors, dentists and optometrists across South Africa.

All this and so much more is yours for just 54.50 per month – less than the price of a burger and chips. See the full range of Club VIP benefits or join now.



    • Tempest Car Hire

      Save more, do more with up to 15% off standard car rental rates.

    • Altech Netstar

      Continuously leading the way with innovative products and services to help you get your own back on vehicle crime. Save 360.⁰⁰ per annum on a Sleuth Nano tracking system.


    • Boston City Campus & Business College

      Boston City Campus & Business College offers about 100 dynamic qualifications at outlets across South Africa. Save 500.⁰⁰ on a full career qualification.


    • Edgars Club Dine

      Experience some of the country’s top restaurants for less and save up to 1 200.⁰⁰ on dining out every year.

    • simfy africa

      Music unleashed! The ultimate collection awaits you with access to the best in local and international music. Save 72.⁰⁰ per year on your membership thanks to Edgars Club.

    • Connoisseur’s Club

      Enjoy premium brands at exclusively low prices for Edgars Club members – membership is free for the first six months.

    • Joburg Ballet

      The country’s most prestigious professional ballet company. Edgars Club members save 20% on select tickets.

    • Ster-Kinekor

      Edgars Club members save up to 60% on 2D, 3D, IMAX, Nouveau and Prestige movie tickets every year.

    • Piatto

      Piatto Restaurant and Grill has more than 15 franchises in South Africa, with a wide and exciting menu choice. Edgars Club members save 10% on all meals.

Fashion and Beauty

    • Bionic Hair and Beauty Studio

      Bionic Hair and Beauty Salon believes in educating clients on how to style and care for their hair successfully. Edgars Club members save 10% on all treatments.

    • Bakwena Day Spa

      Absolute relaxation from the moment you arrive! Save 601.⁰⁰ on a half-day spa experience for two people with Edgars Club.

    • Club magazine

      Club magazine is an essential style guide, with expert tips and the latest trends in beauty, skincare and fashion. Get 11 issues a year, saving you 220.⁰⁰ annually.

    • Placecol Skin Care Clinic

      Placecol Skin Care Clinics are the professionals in skincare products and treatments, with 150 beauty salons nationwide. Edgars Club members save 5% on treatments.

    • Dream Nails Beauty

      A trusted leader in hand, foot and body care. Edgars Club members save an average of 744.⁰⁰ if you have your nails done four times a year.

    • Mangwanani African Spa

      Mangwanani African Spa offers luxury African-inspired spa and beauty treatments. Save 10% on standard packages.

Get Assistance

    • Assistant on Call

      A simple solution to help you keep track of all the small but oh so important dates in your life. This service is exclusive to Club VIP members who want to reduce stress while saving money and time.

    • Savings on Call

      Phone Savings on Call and let our consultants find what you need and negotiate the best offer possible for you.

    • Club VIP on Call

      The service that gives you time for the things you’d rather be doing. This complete concierge service is available exclusively to Edgars Club VIP members.

    • Account clearance

      Each month, Edgars Club members stand the chance of having the balance of their Edgars account cleared. Every year, we give back almost one million rand to Edgars Club members.

    • Discount vouchers

      Edgars Club members are spoiled with exclusive vouchers and much more – all year long! Save up to 2 000.⁰⁰ annually on your purchases in-store.

    • Birthday vouchers

      Edgars loves wishing you happy birthday! Receive a 50.⁰⁰ Edgars voucher on your special day each year.

    • Exclusive competitions

      Edgars Club members stand the chance of being a winner in exclusive giveaways every month. Win prizes valued at up to 60 000.⁰⁰.

Health & Wellness

    • eatForLife

      A unique, easy-to-use, interactive eating programme, which promotes healthier eating for life. Save 60.⁰⁰ per month on dietician appointments.

    • Wellness On Call

      Saving you up to 1 200.⁰⁰ on medical consultations at doctors, dentists and optometrists across South Africa. This benefit applies to the whole family and is exclusive to Club VIP members.

    • Run/Walk For Life

      Founded in 1984, Run/Walk For Life is one of SA’s leading fitness and weight-loss programmes. Save 839.⁰⁰ on a new 12-month membership.

    • The Players Golf Club

      The Players Golf Club introduces new golfers into the market by giving them all the benefits they need as a golfer. Edgars Club members save 400.⁰⁰ per annum on their memberships.

    • Planet Fitness

      Our nationwide health clubs are friendly places where it doesn’t make a difference what shape you’re in, because you’ll always fit in. Edgars Club members save up to 6 000.⁰⁰ per year.

House & Home

    • Interflora

      Interflora is the world’s largest, most recognised and respected flower delivery service. Save 10% when you buy fresh flowers.

    • Club Connect

      Club Connect offers exclusive ADSL packages and 24-hour support to all Edgars Club members. Save up to 480.⁰⁰ per annum on your internet costs.

    • Jack’s Paint & Hardware

      Jack’s Paint & Hardware offers quality paints, excellent product knowledge and unbeatable, friendly service. Save up to 200.⁰⁰ on tools and hardware each year.

Peace of Mind

    • Club VIP funeral benefit

      Edgars Club VIP includes a funeral benefit of 10 000.⁰⁰ and provides financial support to your family in a difficult time.

    • Club Lifesaver

      Edgars Club Lifesaver offers 24-hour emergency assistance for house, health and auto. Call any time on 0800 00 47 47 for immediate and dependable assistance, exclusive to Edgars Club members. You could save up to 1 500.⁰⁰ per year.


    • SA Express

      SA Express is a leading domestic and regional airline, catering to all your business and leisure needs. Edgars Club members save on selected domestic routes.

    • Edgars Club Travel Desk

      Edgars Club Travel Desk is a dynamic tour operator, offering specialised services to a host of exciting local and international destinations. Edgars Club members save up to 40% on travel offers.

    • Mango

      Mango is a low-cost airline and subsidiary of SAA, operating domestic flights in South Africa. Edgars Club members save up to 10% on selected domestic flights.

    • Wild Card

      Wild Card membership is your passport to some of the wonderful wild places in Southern Africa.