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Personalised access to health information and advice 24/7 with our new benefit partner.

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Edgars Club VIP members can now save up to 50% when signing up with the Hello Doctor. For less than an apple a day, you can now have a doctor on call anytime, anywhere, for anyone for only R27.50 instead of R55 per month!

This sounds great, tell me more!
Hello Doctor is a medical service that was founded on a simple conviction that everyone has the right to high-quality healthcare that is personalised, affordable and accessible, administered by doctors that they can understand and trust.

What does Hello Doctor include?

TALK TO A DOCTOR: Request a call and one of the doctors will call you back within an hour to give you medical advice over the phone.

TEXT A DOCTOR: Ask your question via text and one of the doctors will reply to you within an hour.

HEALTH TIPS: Get daily advice with Hello Doctor’s Health Tips. Subscribe to any categories that interest you and walk the journey to better health with Edgars Club

SYMPTOM CHECKER: Not sure what’s wrong? Plug your symptoms into Hello Doctor and you’ll get a list of possible conditions.You can then discuss your results directly with a doctor.

Take a listen to Doctor Michael Mol to find out more about Hello Doctor

Great, how do I sign up?
Sign up here and fill in your voucher code 247Doc to receive 50% off. Then click on the link below to download the Hello Doctor app now. Fill in a few basic details once you’ve downloaded it, and you’re good to go!

Head over here to listen to our exclusive interview with Hello Doctor

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Hello Doctor is a health and wellness company founded by South African presenter and medical doctor, Michael Mol. It was founded on the belief that everyone should have access to high-quality, personalised and affordable to healthcare. Through the mobile health solution Hello Doctor seeks to provide ordinary South Africans direct and immediate access to doctors for healthcare advice anytime, anywhere.

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