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April’s issue of Club is celebrating culture – what we eat and drink, wear, the places we go and the things we do.

When it comes to what we’re wearing, there’s a little bit of luxe, and a little bit of rock n roll edginess. Make-up is dark and dramatic, and we’re also shopping for new signature scents. For the gents, fashion is all about utility – while looking great.

What would life be without your Edgars Club benefits? We’ve picked a few that will get you on the path to health, as well as entertain you with some of SA’s best shows and performances. Challenge your brain with a crossword or Sudoku, and make sure you read your horoscope for the month.

Fashion and beauty highlights

Whether you prefer a sophisticated look or a little bit of roughness,
we’ve got a style update for you.

The good life

Explore the richness and diversity of African culture with us. We’re in love with Zanzibar, and sampling street food from all over the continent. Of course, there are also your latest Edgars Club benefits.

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