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Edgars Club members can now enjoy great giveaways and beauty tips from our brand-new benefit partner, Bella Neova.

Looking good and feeling great is important, that’s why we’ve partnered with home-grown cosmetics maker, Bella Neova, to bring you great giveaways and beauty advice.

Bella Neova is a local company that produces natural beauty products. They pride themselves on high-quality beauty solutions, with Fleek and Flaunt being their leading products. All their products have been scientifically formulated and tested for the best results, without harmful side effects.

Haircare products

Fleek is a 3-step programme designed to reduce hair loss and restore confidence using high-quality ingredients. This triple-action hair care system is designed to help you enjoy thicker, and fuller, hair and is suitable for both men and women. Its been developed by dermatologists and has gone through plenty of clinical trials, so you can be sure it’s a reliable product. It’s safe for long-term use, because Fleek doesn’t use harmful chemicals, instead it contains natural ingredients like berry, grape seed extract and flaxseed oil.

Skin care products

Flaunt is Bella Neova’s skincare product, and it’s the most effective 5-step skin lightening system on the market. This solution is free from harmful chemicals, instead it uses Alpha Arbutin, a naturally-occuring ingredient found in the Bearberry bush. This natural extract was found to be ten times more effective in lightening patchy skin and pigmentations than harmful chemicals. Part of this 5-step programme includes Flaunt Sun Screen SPF 60+ for added sun protection.

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Bella Neova is an emerging brand in the world of cosmetology with a deep commitment to high-quality cosmetics. Their objective is to provide superior quality, innovative products that meet the needs of both the doctor and the patient. Behind Bella Neova and their products is a highly skilled team of professionals.

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