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With our benefit partner Intercare Salubrity, Edgars Club members have access to health and genetic screenings.

South Africa’s most common cancer is breast cancer, and that’s more than plenty reason to make sure that you examine your breasts regularly. Read our simple guide to breast self-examination here.

But now, you can take it one step further and get yourself tested to evaluate your genetic risk of developing cancer, even if you don’t have a family history of it.

Serenity, from Intercare Salubrity, is a breast and ovarian cancer risk screening which checks for BRCA mutation, an early indicator of breast cancer risk. If you carry the BRCA gene, you can take preventative measures to stay healthy, and knowing your genetic predisposition to cancer can also help you to protect your parents, siblings and children as you share the same genetic makeup.

From around the age of 30, women can include this screening as part of their routine medical care. The test involves a gentle swab from inside the mouth, making it quick, non-invasive and painless. It can be done in a minute. The sample is then analysed by Genoma Swiss Biotechnology, one of the most advanced bioinformatics platforms in the world and the largest in Europe. You will receive the results in two weeks.


Read more about Serenity here.

Did you know, it was a similar screening that helped Angelina Jolie detect her high risk of breast cancer before any further mutations turned cancerous?

I want to get tested

Usually Intercare Salubrity charges R9 250 for this screening, but as an Edgars Club member, you save 5% which is R462.50. You pay R8 787.50.

All you need to do to book your Serenity screening with Intercare Salubrity is email genetics@salubrity.co.za or call 086 999 0669, and quote your Edgars Club card membership number to qualify for the 5% saving.

Applicable tiers: Edgars Club VIP, Club Life and Club Classic

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Salubrity was borne out of the extremely successful and innovative Intercare Group, with a track record of 15 years of delivering comprehensive, high quality, primary health care, day hospital and rehabilitative services across South Africa. Intercare Salubrity facilitates health and wellbeing by giving preventative, holistic and co-ordinated care for individuals, irrespective of their age, gender or medical aid status.

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