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Edgars Club members, get ready for some aquatic fun that the whole family will love with Aqua Marina Africa, and you’ll save 15% on a selection of kayaks and iSUPs.

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The latest craze in the world of watersports is stand-up paddling (SUP) – paddlers stand on a surf-style board. It can be done on lakes, at the beach and even surfing waves, making it fun for the whole family. Inflatable paddle boards are durable, portable and versatile as they deflate and roll up into the size of a sleeping bag. Just pop it into the boot of your car and head for the dam or beach.

I want to get out on the water!

As an Edgars Club member you save 15% on a select range of Aqua Marina Africa products. So whether you’re a pro on the water or a newcomer wanting to try a new sport, Aqua Marina Africa has a SUP or kayak with your name on it. Check out our list below and see which board takes your fancy…

Vibrand 8’7”

This is for kids (or light adults) to learn the basics of paddleboarding. With a length of 266cm and width of 76cm, Vibrand improves directional stability while being totally safe. The round nose and tail make it easy to paddle and catch small waves. Ideal for riders up to 70kg.
Normal price: R7 165
Edgars Club price: R6 090
You save: R1 075

Vapor 10’10”

The Vapor features an all-around, wide-style design ideal for learning, recreational paddling and small wave riding with comfort and stability. Extremely user friendly, the Vapor comes with a backpack, pump and three-piece paddle, all packed in a handy bundle, setting you up for a big board adventure. Ideal for riders up to 115kg.
Normal price: R9 486
Edgars Club price: R8 060
You save: R1 426

Fusion 10’10”

The ultimate travel companion. The Fusion’s reputation as an excellent flat-water cruising board comes from its length and proportions, which provide great glide for cruising, exploring and fitness. At 3.3m long and 15cm thick, it allows heavier riders to enjoy this fun paddling sport. An extremely comfortable and effortless board. Ideal for riders up to 140kg.
Normal price: R10 250
Edgars Club price: R8 710
You save: R1 540

Super Trip 12’0”

Super size, super fun. One of the most appealing things about SUP is just how easy it is. The Super Trip takes family fun to the next level with its extra length (370cm) and width (87cm). Designed for two adults and one child, this family stand up paddle board is a perfect rig for lakes, seaside and rivers. Ideal for family use or for clubs. Designed for riders up to 210kg. Normal price: R12 385
Edgars Club price: R10 520
You save: R1 865

K2 Kayak for one

An outstanding sea touring expedition kayak with excellent tracking, performance, glide and handling characteristics. The K2 applies a rocker design with drop-stitch deck, V-keel and super tough reinforced vinyl, and can be used in up to class 3 whitewater. Its responsiveness is unparalleled. Ideal for riders up to 95kg.
Normal price: R9 130
Edgars Club price: R7 760
You save: R1 370

Standard SUP Paddle

This is the perfect paddle to get you started. It has an aluminium, height adjustable paddle which breaks down into three parts. Normal price: R660
Edgars Club price: R560
You save: R100


Never SUP’ed? Try our Wings, “training wheels” for first timers. They convert any SUP into a stable platform for learners, kids or furry friends. Great for beginners, rough water and plus size paddlers.
Normal price: R849
Edgars Club price: R720
You save: R129

Coil Leash

Flat water leash, 7mm cord. Heavy duty, double stainless steel swivels.
Normal price: R355
Edgars Club price: R300
You save: R55


Each iSUP comes with a JOMBO handpump and MAGIC backpack, making transporting and storing your iSUP a breeze.

Keen to get out on the water?

Excellent! All you need to do to order your product from Aqua Marina Africa is send an email to info@liveafrica.co.za or call 021 488 6012.

Use the promo code EDGARS17 and cite your Edgars Club membership number and which product you’d like to purchase! Simple!

Applicable tiers: Edgars Club VIP, Club Life and Club Classic

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Aqua Marina Africa, a pioneering brand in the world of small inflatable boats, gives paddlers of all needs and ability a feeling of freedom and fun. They are SA’s largest supplier of inflatable Stand Up Paddle (iSUP) boards and offer high quality watersports equipment, including SUPs, kayaks and accessories. Edgars Club members save 15% on selected items in their range.

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