Japanese streetstyle

In Tokyo everyone treats the sidewalks as their personal catwalks. Annemarie Luck, an ex-Capetonian, sent us these close-ups of the streetstyle in her new home town.

Tokyo is a haven for budding fashion designers and new names pop up all the time. This T-shirt is by an up-and-coming young label called Strangers.

 Vintage shopping is big in Tokyo. In 2008 The New York Times dubbed the city “Planet Vintage” and it shows no signs of relinquishing that title.

 Never mind secret socks, in Tokyo visible foot warmers are on trend.

Upmarket shoppers in Ginza, one of Tokyo’s main shopping districts, where you can find the who’s who of designer labels.

Even the dogs are well dressed!

I bet you’ve never seen a man in a denim onesie! Only in Japan…

Even Crocs somehow look cool here.

Hats and hair accessories are popular, especially during winter. Summer, which is from June to September, is simply too hot and humid for a hat.

Despite the colourful dress sense that sometimes resemble anime characters, people still wear kimonos, especially during festivals and at traditional ceremonies.

Read ‘Big in Japan’, Annemarie’s story, in the November issue of Club magazine in which she tells of her move to Tokyo.

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